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Jimnet - an American Shorthair Cattery

American Shorthairs are the Cat Fancy's working breed.  This strongly built, well balanced symmetrical cat is an agile athlete with a muscled body, yet with a easy going laid back personality.  A certain amount of lap-time is a necessary daily requirement.  American Shorthair Cats are also very jealous of their owner's attention and reluctantly share lap space.  For a visual presentation of some the American Shorthairs common personality traits, see the ASH Dictionary

Jimnet is an American Shorthair Cattery that was initiated almost 20 years ago with the purchase of a Silver Tabby pet from John Philpot.  We fell for these laid back easy going lap cats, (especially the brown classic tabbies).  Twenty years, 3 national winners (NW/RW), 4 or 5 DM's, several regional winners and about 30 grand champions later I still have one or two ASH cats hit my lap as soon as my backside hits my LazyBoy rocker.  The American Shorthair Cat is a healthy breed that can be a loyal loving companion for as many as 15 or more years.

For pictures of these lovable critters in their day to day lives and a bath time video, check out Bath Time and Lap Cats.

For more information about the American Shorthair Breed, see the National American Shorthair Club (NASC) website www.ashclub.org/  or contact me at ashcatman@aol.com

Check Charlie's last CFA Grand Champion "Jim Bob".

American Shorthairs GC NW Jimnet Bama Bear and GC William Wallace
American Shorthairs GC NW Jimnet Bama Bear and GC William Wallace spending a hard day at the office.

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