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History of Cattery

The Jimnet Cattery was registered on August 2nd, 1988 shortly after we joined the Birmingham Feline Fanciers .  Our first American Shorthair was a silver tabby pet named "Babycat" that we  acquired from John Philpot.  Shortly there after we acquired a black female from John (Joni Midnight Classic of Jimnet) and  Toraneko Tinkerbell of Jimnet and Solmer Charlie Brown of Jimnet. In 1990 we added Ramapaw I Love Lucy.  The following year in 1991 we acquired Ramapaw Hudson Settler.   These cats were the base for the Jimnet Cattery.

Our first Jimnet bred grand champion was Jimnet Champagne Charlie who we sold to Kasumi Kobayashi.  Kasumi turned out to be a dear friend and we conversed on a regular basis and would usually see her at least once a year the CFA Annual.  Kasumi showed Champagne Charlie during the 1991-92 show year and he finished as the 3rd best cat in Japan.   The following year 1992-93 Kasumi acquired GC Jimnet Charlie Daniels and he also finished as the 3rd best cat in Japan. 

One of my favorite cats of all time was GC RW Atilla the Hun.  Atilla was my cat.  If I sat down, he was in my in lap.  Atilla was a Black American Shorthair who was leading as the best American Shorthair through January 1992 until he decided being a whole male cat was more important than eating and lost too much weight to be competitive at the shows.   We altered Atilla shortly after the end of the show season and he became my permanent lap buddy.

The following show season (1992-93) we showed GC RW Jimnet Charlie Manson as a kitten.  Charlie Manson was the Best American Shorthair Kitten for the 1992-93 show season.  Another fun event for the 92-93 season was obtaining the grand championship for GC Jimnet Bar None, a solid blue American Shorthair.  At the time I think he was only the second solid blue American Shorthair to grand.

One of the most fun times showing a kitten was with GC RW Hairy Houdini during the 1995-96 season.  Hairy was showing as a kitten mostly during the summer months.  He ended with 35 best kitten wins and at one show was best kitten in all the rings.

During the 1996-97 GC RW Jimnet Rob Roy was another of my favorites.  He was a very macho male that had 5 complete necklaces.   Also during the 96-97 show year  GP, NW Jimnet Dagwood of Saxicats was CFA's 20th Best Cat in Premiership and the Best ASH in Premiership.

1997-98 was a special year in that it is was the year we showed GC NW Jimnet Bama Bear (I'm a big Alabama football fan).  Bama loved going to shows and that is always a plus.  Bama was altered several years ago and is one of several ASH lap cats.  Bama is kind of like Atilla was, in that he is my cat and sometimes follows me around house.

 For the 2001-02 show season Donna Andrews showed CH,GP,NW Jimnet Sweet Suzy Q of Kyetrak  to CFA's19th Best Cat in Premiership and Best ASH in Premiership.  Donna was great about calling and providing status of Suzy Q during the show season.  I anxiously waited for her weekly updates.

Although we haven't bred or shown much the last few years, we are still active members of the Birmingham Feline Fanciers.  I have recently retired and hope to get to a few more shows.  GC RW Charlie (The Sweet Open Look kitten)  has recently  passed away.  JimBob (Mericat Ashcatman of Kyetrak), is the male listed on the "Males" page. He is out of one of Charlie's last litters. 

Jim - Janet


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